The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Introduction to Novel

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F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great American Dreamer

Background Video

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Reading Schedule

Class 13 (Tue, 3/2 & Wed, 3/3) - Chapters 1 & 2 due
Class 14 (Thursday, 3/4 & Friday, 3/5)- Chapter 3 due
Class 15 (Monday, 3/8) - Chapters 4 & 5 due
Class 16 (Tuesday, 3/9-Wednesday, 3/10)- Chapters 6 & 7 due
Class 17 (Thursday, 3/11- Monday 3/15) Chapters 8 & 9 due

Study Questions

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Vocabulary Worksheets

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Discussion Leaders

1. Discussion- Each pair of students is responsible for leading the discussion on one chapter in The Great Gatsby using the provided study guide. Chapter assignments will be randomly drawn during class.
2. Activity- In addition, each pair must devise an in-class review activity for the assigned chapter. This can be a quiz, a crossword or word search, a review game, etc. Be creative!
3. Submission- You must post your answer key for the study guide and the review activity on the wiki at the end of your discussion. This must be done by the next class or it will not be graded.
4. Assessment- You will be graded on your knowledge of the chapter (which should be more than your fellow students), the creativity of the activity, and the presentation of the material. Your total presentation should last no longer than 20 minutes!

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1920s Party Project

1. Each class will be equally divided into four groups: Invitations, Food, Entertainment, and Decorations.
2. We will have a "Gatsby" Party on April 6th for C block and April 7th for E and F blocks. You have PLENTY of time to research. :)
3. Your group grade will be based on creativity as well as an understanding of the time period.
4. ALL students must dress up in 1920s party costumes! This will be part of your grade. :)

Job Descriptions:

a. Invitations

- each student should receive an invitation to the party
- research invitations from the 1920s as yours should reflect the same style and tone (usually very formal)
-these are to be handed out at the beginning of the party

b. Food
- research types of food that was served at these parties and try to recreate some popular dishes from the 1920s
- bring in the food on the day of the party for the class to eat

c. Entertainment
- research the music that was featured at these parties
- bring in music, videos, or play live music for the party...don't be afraid to encourage dancing!

d. Decorations
- research the decorations that a typical party would have and try to recreate similar colors and themes
- set up the classroom to reflect a "dinner" type party with dancing


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Group Character Activity

1. Each group of students will receive one of the following characters: Gatsby, Daisy, Nick, Jordan, George, Myrtle or Tom.
2. Each group will prepare a character analysis presentation. You may use ANY sort of technology you choose!
3. The following areas must be covered
- physical description
- character's personality (with at least three specific quotes)
- evidence of growth or change
- social standing
- purpose in the novel
- whether he/she is a "good guy" or "bad guy" with at least three quotes to support your answer
4. In addition, each group must write a letter from one character to another illustrating the main conflict.
- Gatsby to Daisy persuading her to leave Tom for him
- Daisy to Gatsby explaining her love for both him and Tom
- Nick to Gatsby persuading him to give up his hopes for a relationship with Daisy
- Jordan to Nick persuading him to pursue his relationship with her
- George to Myrtle telling her he knows about the fair and convincing her to move out West
- Myrtle to Tom persuading him to leave Daisy for her
- Tom to Daisy persuading her to choose him over Gatsby
The letter should have an introduction, a body paragraph with at least three reasons, and a conclusion.
5. The presentation should illustrate the character analysis as well as the letter (it should be read out loud at some point).
6. Post the presentation and the hard copy of the letter on the wiki by the due date which is Class 21.
7. Any presentation and letter posted late will be penalized 25%.
8. This will be a summative group grade worth 50 points.

Rubric: Letter Rubric.pages

Goals Writing Activity

1. You will outline the things you hope to do with your life and the ways in which you can work towards fulfilling those ideals.
2. You will make a T-chart. One column will have your goals and the other column will list three specific ways you can accomplish each goal.
3. You must have at least five attainable goals and three specific ways to accomplish each.
4. Prepare a brief presentation utilizing any sort of technology.
5. Post the T-chart and the presentation on the wiki by Class 21. Any late posts will be penalized 25%.
6. This project will be worth 50 points of your summative grade.
7. I will be looking for well-thought out goals and specific objectives that will help you achieve those goals. Do NOT be ambiguous. Clearly state exactly what you can do to achieve these goals!
Rubric:Goals Writing Rubric.pages

Extra Credit Opportunity

The highlight reel of the 1920s party is due on Class 33 (April 29th for C block and April 30th for E and F blocks).

Sejin,Jiyoon,Nathan,Jin's Extra Credit