Romanticism Notes

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Irving Activity:

1. We are going to listen to "The Devil and Tom Walker" as a class.
2. Complete the study questions listed below.
3. Do NOT post these on the wiki. Please bring in a hard copy next class!
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Hawthorne Activity:

1. You are going to read "Dr. Heidegger's Experiment" in pairs.
2. Complete the character chart using the directions below.
3. Please do NOT post these on the wiki. Please bring in a hard copy next class!


1. List the four major characters in the first column.
2. Label each column in the following manner: Key Descriptions, Actions and Words, and What Character Represents.

Longfellow Activity:

1. Read "Cross of Snow" in pairs.
2. Write a few brief sentences in which you compare grief to something in nature.
3. Begin with the metaphor "Grief is..."

Midterm Book Check

You must upload it onto the wiki AND bring in a hard copy to get credit!
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1. Read Emerson's "Nature" and Self-Reliance"
2. Complete the transcendental chart below for each essay.
3. Find one example of a song that fits in with at least two ideas of transcendentalism: nature, nonconformity, self-reliance, free-thought, and confidence.
4. Post the song, the lyrics, and an explanation of how the song fits at least two ideas. You only have to post on the wiki. No hard copy needed!

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Thoreau Assignment

1. Read "Civil Disobedience" by Thoreau.
2. Read Gandhi's "On Nonviolent Resistance."
3. Make a chart that depicts the logical, ethical, and emotional appeals of both texts.

Introductory to Nature Activity

1. Read the following sentences: The sun shone. I walked beneath the trees. The wind blew in the branches.
2. In pairs, improve upon the sentences above by adding colorful images and sensory details.
3. Be sure to use vivid imagery in order to really paint a picture for your reader!
4. Be prepared to present.

A Walk in the Woods Activity

1. As a class, we will walk through the woods reflecting on nature.
2. Your job while we are outside is to choose something found in nature that reflects your own personality.
3. Your assignment is to write a concise paragraph that explains how the object in nature is a reflection of your own personality.
4. Next, you are to make a short one minute podcast in which you will compile a series of images that reflect your writing. As the images are shown, you will read your paragraph.
5. Please post your paragraph and podcast on the class wiki and submit a hard copy next class. You must do both in order to receive credit.

Whitman and Dickinson Notes

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Walt Whitman Activity

1. Read "I Hear America Singing."
2. Identify the parallel structures of this poem.
3. Read "Song of Myself, Numbers 10 and 33."
4. Identify the five scenes that Whitman captures from both songs.

Emily Dickinson Activity

1. Read "The Soul selects her own Society." Find examples of slant rhyme.
2. Read "Success is counted sweetest." What is the metaphor?
3. Read "Because I could not stop for Death." What is the ironic twist in the last stanza?
4. Read "I heard a Fly buzz--when I died." What is the theme?

Romanticism Project

This project will be due on Monday, November 2nd, at 8 a.m. Any projects posted after 8 a.m. will receive an automatic deduction of 25%. After Monday, no projects will be accepted.
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