Research Paper

Please find below an electronic copy of the research paper packet. You are responsible for reading the ENTIRE packet and for turning in the preliminary work on the appropriate due date. No exceptions!


Research Paper Rubric.pages

Research Paper Criteria
Research Paper Requirements.pages
American Authors
American Authors.numbers
Step 1: Student Signature Sheet
Student Signature Sheet.pages
Paragraph Outline
Outline for Research Paper.pages
Step 2: Sources
Source Directions.pages
Steps 3 & 4: Summaries and Works Cited Directions
Summary and Source Directions.pages
Citing Sources
Citing Sources - Term Definitions.pages
Sample Paraphrases and Quotes
Sample Paraphrases and Direct Quotes.pages
In-Text Citations Directions and Practice
In-Text Citation Guidelines.pages
Summary Format
Summary Format.pages
Citation Cheat Sheet
Citation Cheat Sheet.pages
Step 5: Thesis and Introduction
Thesis Statement and Sample Introduction.pages
Step 6: Outline
Outline for Research Paper.pages
Step 7: Rough Draft
Paper Format.pages
Peer Editing
Peer Editing.pages
Step 8: Final Draft and Presentation
Final Draft directions.pages


Due: Class 10 by 8 a.m.
1. Bring a hard copy of your research paper to my classroom in the morning. If I am not here, slip it under the door.
2. You must bring all preliminary materials: sources, source sheets, summaries, works cited, introduction, outline, and edited rough draft to class.
These are not due by 8 a.m.


Due: Class 10 by 8 a.m.
1. You must have one slide for each paragraph: Introduction, Background, Literary Period, Major Work 1, Major Work 2 and Conclusions.
2. Use bullet points to highlight the important information from each paragraph.
3. The first slide must include a picture of the author as well as the author's name.
4. See the rubric for more information.
5. Post presentation on the class wiki page.


Due: Class 10 by 8 a.m.
1. Submit your paper to
2. Use the user ID and password for your block.
3. All papers will be checked for originality. Any papers not cited correctly will be considered plagiarized and will receive a zero!
4. You are able to submit your paper as many times as you would like before the due date to ensure that nothing is being copied. :)
5. Submit your paper to the website by 8 a.m. on Class 10.

C Block:
  • class ID: 3141837
  • enrollment password: 1234
E Block:
  • class ID: 3141840
  • enrollment password: 1234
F Block:
  • class ID: 3141841
  • enrollment password: 1234