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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

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You are ONLY allowed to use this website as a resource. Do NOT get any information, pictures, audio, video, etc unless it is from this credible site.

Individual Criteria
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Realist Short Stories and Poetry

Ambrose Bierce


An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge


An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge


An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

Study Guide

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A First Prize Winner at the 1962 Cannes Film Festival and in 1964 - an Oscar for Best Short Subject, Live Action Subjects. Roger Jaquet stars as the convicted man who imagines his escape. This is a very powerful short movie (28 min) - and we spent a lot of time cleaning up the film, and restoring it as best we could.

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He runs through the glorious sunlit tree canopy, trying to get home

Edith Wharton


Roman Fever
Roman Fever
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Roman Fever Adaptation

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Kate Chopin


The Story of an Hour

Video Assignment:

1. In groups of three, film a one to two minute adaptation of the short story.
2. Upload it to the wiki.
3. Present next class!

Study Guide:

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Richard Cory
Miniver Cheevy
Simon and Garfunkel song
Simon and Garfunkel video