Writing a College Admissions Resume


This assignment will help you to focus on the achievements of your high school career. This will be an invaluable tool when asking teachers for recommendation letters as teachers might not be aware of all of your extracurricular activities. In addition, reflecting on your high school experience will aid you in the completion of college applications and the brainstorming of essay topics. Good luck!


1. The following web page has a great format for creating a college admission resume.
College Admission Resume Requirements
2. You MUST have the following sections: Heading, Education, Extracurricular Activities, and Work Experience. Special Projects, Awards and Honors, and Other are all optional sections. Try to complete as much as you can. Remember you have to sell yourself to the college admissions committees!
3. Important reminders:
-Use a professional email address. Do not use your more "creative" addresses.
-Try to keep the resume to one page. It should not exceed two pages.
-Focus only on your high school career.
4. You can use any format that you choose. Check Pages and Word for templates and also look online. Your resume should be crisp and organized.
5. Grammatical errors are NOT acceptable on a resume. Even the smallest error will be penalized on this assignment. Have at least three others edit your resume!


Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3

Jacob Resume.pages
(My resume is not a college admissions resume. Pay attention to format and not necessarily content).


1. Use the following resources above to compile a rough draft of your resume.
2. The rough draft is due on Class 37.
3. You must have at least three students peer edit your resume during Class 37.
4. The final resume is due on the day of your interview on Class 39.
5. Post the final resume on the class wiki page in the appropriate section. In addition, bring a hard copy of your resume for the interviewer.
6. This will be a formative grade worth 50 points.
Resume Rubric.pages

College Entrance Interview


The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to orally reflect on your high school experience. Your job is to "sell" yourself to the college admissions officer via a one on one interview. You should be able to successfully relate the content of your resume in person in order to gain admission to college.


1. Resume
-at the beginning of the interview.

2. First Impressions
-You are required to wear professional attire to your interview. Please look at the rubric for inappropriate examples.
-You should enthusiastically greet your interviewer with a confident hand shake a eye contact. You want to appear competent and professional!

3. Content
-Your interviewer will ask you personal questions about your interest in applying to their particular college. Have specific answers ready.
-You should be prepared to discuss the skills and abilities that you have highlighted on your resume. In addition, you should be able to provide descriptions of awards and honors.
-You should be able to reflect on your experiences in high school. What did you learn? What motivated you?

4. Responses
-Answer questions confidently and without hesitation. It is okay to stop and think, but do not allow long pauses in the conversation.
-Don't be afraid to use a story to illustrate an important experience or a skill learned. People like stories (keep it short though!).
-Do not rehearse your answers! You need to sound genuine.

5. Nonverbal Techniques
-Sit up! Don't slouch! Ladies, cross your legs. Men, sit confidently!
-Make frequent eye contact (but don't eye-stalk).
-Make sure to vary your pitch and speed of your voice. Remember what we learned in the speech unit! Monotone is boring!
-Do NOT say "um." EVER.

6. Closing
-Ask questions! Remember, if you are awesome, the college wants you. But do you want the college? It's a two-way street! Ask what you want to know to make the right decision for you.
-Be interested in the college! They won't admit you if you look bored!
-Shake the interviewer's hand.
-Say "thank you." Good manners=great impression.

7. Rubric
- This assignment is worth 48 points of your formative grade.
Interview Scoring Rubric.pages


1. Interviews will take place during Class 39. They should last about 5-10 minutes each.
2. Remember that the hard copy of your resume is due at the beginning of your interview.
3. Don't forget to wear business attire! If you do not own business attire, FIND some pieces. No excuses!