Literary Terms Log

Your first activity in this class will be to make a chart that will aid you in remembering the important literary terms and ideas that we discuss in class. You will keep this chart on your personal wiki, and I will check to make sure that this chart stays updated by periodically grading it as a participation grade. Use the following format:

Examples (three)

I will give you literary terms at various times. The first entry will be the term above. Your journal for the day is to make the chart, define the term above, and provide at least three examples. You may use textual sources as well as literary ideas.

Native American Notes

Native American Lit Intro.key

Creation Myths In-Class Assignment

1. Each class will be divided into three groups.
2. Each group will be assigned one of the following myths: "The Sky Tree," "Coyote Finishes His Work," or "The Earth Only"
3. Each group will be responsible for illustrating and presenting the myth to class.

Creation Myths Homework

1. Create your own myth!
2. You must write a minimum of two paragraphs.
3. You must clearly illustrate your myth (remember none of these myths were actually written down!)
4. Post your myth onto the class wiki page under "Creation Myths" and bring in a hard copy next class!
5. Be creative!

Puritan Notes

Puritan Lit Intro.key

Bradstreet-In Class Assignment

1. Each pair of students will be responsible for reading and updating one section of Bradstreet's "...House" poem.
2. We will read the poem progressively reading the old version first and then the new, updated version that each pair has created for their section.

Bradstreet Homework

1. Read "To My Dear and Loving Husband" on p. 126.
2. Find one example of paradox. Explain the meaning.
3. Find one example of metaphor in "...House."
4. Do not post the answers on the wiki. Be ready to discuss the answers next class.

Edwards-In Class Assignment

1. Students will read "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" in groups.
2. Find three examples of figures of speech.
3. Be ready to discuss each one. This will count as a participation grade!

The Crucible Notes

The Crucible Notes.key

The Crucible Study Questions

Complete the following study questions after each act. There will be a quiz after each act at which time the study questions are due!

Act I Study Guide.pages
Act II Study Guide.pages
Act III Study Guide.pages
Act IV Study Guide.pages

Character Web


Thematic Essay Exam

Crucible thematic essay.pages
The Crucible Essay Rubric.numbers

Revolutionary Notes

Introduction to Revolutionary Literature.key

Benjamin Franklin In-Class Assignment

1. Read "The Autobiography" excerpt in pairs.
2. Make three inferences of Franklin based on the evidence from the text. Make sure to include the inference and the specific textual reference.
3. Read "The Almanack" excerpt as a class.
4. Translate two or three aphorisms.

Benjamin Franklin Homework Assignment

1. Find three aphorisms online.
2. Translate and explain the wisdom behind each aphorism.
3. Bring in a hard copy and post the aphorisms/translations onto the class wiki. You must do both in order to receive credit!

Patrick Henry In-Class Assignment

1. As we read, "Speech...," you will chart the emotional and logical appeals made to his audience.
2. Make a two-column chart. One side will be for emotion and the other for logic.
3. Record each emotional and logical appeal on the corresponding side of the chart.

Thomas Paine In-Class Assignment

1. Read "Crisis" in groups of three.
2. Find two examples of each: analogy, anecdote, and counterclaim.
3. Be ready to discuss and submit the assignment in class!

Persuasive Speech Assignment


You will pick one school-related, controversial issue to present to class in order to persuade the audience into your way of thinking.


1. Complete the pre-writing handout. You must post on the wiki and bring in a hard copy on the specified due date.
2. Write the rough draft. You must post on the wiki and bring in a hard copy on the specified due date.
3. Peer edit in class using the rubric provided below. Pretend that I am grading you!
4. Post the final draft onto the class wiki page. Bring in a hard copy by 8 a.m. on the due date.
5. Make a new wiki page for the peer evaluations. Follow the directions posted on the class wiki page.
6. Read the peer evaluation sheet so you are prepared to answer the questions at the end of each speech.

Speech Day:
1. Bring a hard copy of your speech complete with markings.
2. Everyone will present his/her speech in random order.
3. As the speaker begins, listen closely to the words and ideas that are being put forth.
4. At the end of each speech, you are to complete the peer evaluation and post it on the wiki on the speaker's peer evaluation page. Do this part at home.
5. Each speaker will be expected to read the evaluations, and write a two paragraph reflection on the strengths/weaknesses of the speech. This will be due the class after the speeches have been completed.

6. Post your reflection on your evaluation page. You do NOT have to bring in a hard copy.


The speech and presentation will be worth 150 points. See the rubric.
The evaluations and reflections will be worth 30 points.


Textbook p. 114-125

Pre-writing the speech.pages
Persuasive Speech Rubric.numbers
Peer Evaluation of Speech.pages

Due Date: Wednesday, 9/23 by 8 a.m.

You must bring a hard copy of the speech to my classroom and you must post it on the wiki.