Please create a new page to be used as an individual wiki. Link the page here. The link should include your first and last name. You will post your SAT practice questions answers on your page as well as any individual assignments/projects.

Sejin Paik
Jungna Nana Park

Jin Kwon
Cindy Choi
Livvy Edwards
Ji Yoon Hyun
Nathan Cho
Wonkyung (Alena) Koo
Priscilla Kim
Alice Ahn
Yunjin Kim
Sarah Cho
Ji Eun Cha
Jason Kim
Daeun Lee
Lauren Kang
Kristie Lee
SangHeon Cha
Amy Choi


Please create a new page for your assignment. Link the page here. The link should include your first and last name. Please read and use the sample page provided. Any assignments that do not follow this example will lose points.
Ms. Jacob's Summer Reading
Alice Ahn's Summer Reading
Jungna Park's Summer Reading
Olivia Edwards' Summer Reading
Kristie Lee's Summer Reading
Cindy Choi's Summer Reading
Ji Yoon Hyun's Summer Reading
Corie Hahn's Summer Reading
Alena Koo's Summer Reading
Yunjin Kim's Summer Reading
Priscilla Kim's Summer Reading
Daeun Lee's Summer Reading
Sam Lee's Summer Reading
Jin Kwon's Summer Reading
Sarah Cho's Summer Reading
Lauren Kang's Summer Reading
Sejin Paik's Summer Reading


Please make a new page and title the link with the name of your myth as well as your first and last name. You do not necessarily have to include the picture but you must post the writing. Be ready to present next class!
Example: How the World Was Born, Ms. Jacob.

The Earth's Beating Heart, Olivia Edwards
The Day Earth Escaped From His Sky, Daeun Lee
The Color Trail, Lauren Kang
Come and Go With Seasons, Alena Koo
The Sun and TheMoon, Jason Kim
The Monkey and the Gorilla, Ji Yoon Hyun
The Earth's Rotation, Sam Lee
The 12 Zodiac Constellations, Ji Eun Cha
The Justice, Jungna Park
Disappearance On Earth; Death, Priscilla Kim
Reaching for the Sun, Cindy Choi
The Five Followers and The Earth; Alice Ahn
Earth and the Clay, Kristie Lee
The Most Beautiful Creation, Sarah Cho
The Curse; Jin Kwon
The Myth of Rock, Nathan Cho
Calculate Your Way To Freedom, Sejin Paik
Love in this World, Amy Choi
How the Zebra Got Stripes, Yunjin Kim
The Forbidden Area, SangHeon Cha


Please make a new page and title the link with your name. Be ready to present next class!
Sejin Paik-Aphorisms
Daeun Lee - Aphorisms
Alice Ahn- Aphorisms
Nathan Cho - Aphorisms
Yunjin Kim - Aphorisms
Sarah Cho - Aphorisms
Jin Kwon - Aphorisms
Ji Yoon Hyun- Aphorisms
Amy Choi - Aphorisms
Lauren Kang - Aphorisms
Alena Koo- Aphorisms
Nana Park- Aphorisms
Kristie Lee-Aphorisms
Priscilla Kim - Aphorisms
Cindy Choi- Aphorisms
SangHeon Cha - Aphorisms
Jason Kim- Aphorisms


Please make a new page. Title the link with the issue and your name. The page should include the following: pre-writing handout, rough draft, and final draft.

Sejin Paik-Finding Your Identity
Kristie Lee- 5 minute break time Should be Extended to 10 Minutes
Amy Choi - Study Hall period

Ji Yoon Hyun- Schools should limit APs per student
Alice Ahn- Parental Control (macbook)
Nana Park - Wearing Uniform

SangHeon Cha - Relative Evaluation Grading System
Jin Kwon - After School Policy
Daeun Lee - Amount of time between classes
Wonkyung (Alena) Koo- The large amount of homework, tests, and quizzes.
Priscilla Kim - Constant Gripe
Yunjin Kim - School uniform
Jason Kim- Parent Pressure
Olivia Edwards - Korean grade pressure
Cindy Choi- Junior Boy to Girl Ratio
Sarah Cho - School Start Time
Lauren Kang New Afterschool Policy


Please make a new page for your evaluations. Title the link with your name. Each audience member should post one evaluation per speaker. After all evaluations have been posted, please write a short reflection here. You do not have to bring in a hard copy!

Persuasive speech evaluations - SangHeon Cha
Persuasive speech evaluations-Sejin Paik
Persuasive speech evaluations- Sarah Cho
Persuasive speech evaluations- Daeun Lee
Persuasive speech evaluations - Amy Choi
Persuasive speech evaluations- Nana Park

Persuasive speech evaluations- Cindy Choi
Persuasive speech evaluations - Olivia Edwards
Persuasive speech evaluations- Alice Ahn
Persuasive speech evaluations- Kristie Lee
Persuasive speech evaluations- Ji Yoon Hyun
Persuasive speech evaluations - Priscilla Kim
Persuasive speech evaluations - Jin Kwon
Persuasive speech evaluations - Nathan Cho
Persuasive speech evaluations- Lauren Kang
Persuasive speech evaluations- Wonkyung (Alena) Koo
Persuasive speech evaluations- Jason Kim
Persuasive Speech Evaluations - Yunjin Kim

Book Check

Please make a new page for your quizzes. You must include both documents- the actual quiz and the answer key.

Sejin Paik-High Fidelity
SangHeon Cha - The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer
Daeun Lee - Carpe Diem Test
Olivia Edwards-Angels&Demons Test
Yunjin Kim - Twisted Test

Amy Choi - Lord of the Flies Test
Ji Yoon Hyun- The Bonesetter's Daughter Test
Priscilla Kim - A Lesson Before Dying
Alice Ahn- Three Cups of Tea
Nathan Cho - The Sun Also Rises by Earnest Hemingway
Nana Park- Wintergirl by Laurie Halse Anderson
Sarah Cho- Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You by Peter Cameron
Jin Kwon - A Time to Kill by John Grisham
Lauren Kang- Marley and Me by John Grogan
Kristie Lee- Tithe by Holly Black
Cindy Choi- The Reader by Bernhard Schlink
Alena Koo- Prom by Laurie Halse Anderson


Transcendental Song

Please make a new page for your song. You must have the song, the lyrics, and an explanation of how this song fits at least two ideas of transcendentalism in order to receive credit. No hard copy is needed.

Sejin Paik -Colors of the Wind
Daeun Lee - Beautiful by Christina Aguilera
Ji Yoon Hyun- Circle of Life, Elton John
Alice Ahn- Transcendental Song (Listen by Beyonce)
Cindy Choi- Transcendental Song
Nathan Cho - Highway To Hell by AC DC
Yunjin Kim - Transcendental Song
Olivia Edwards - The Man In The Mirror

SangHeon Cha - Transcendental Song
Priscilla Kim - Waiting on the World to Change
Nana Park- Minority by Green Day
Amy Choi - The Voice Within by Christina Aguilera
Jin Kwon - Lose Yourself by Eminem

Kristie Lee- Shine by Henry Rollins
Lauren Kang- I Have A Dream by ABBA
Alena Koo- I Believe by Yolanda Adams
Jason Kim- Transcendental Song
Sarah Cho-Listen

A Walk in the Woods Activity

Please make a new page and post the link here. Please title the link with your name and the object in nature that you have written about.

Sejin Paik-The Smell of the Forest

Daeun Lee - Mushrooms
Lauren Kang- The Wind
Alice Ahn- The Chestnut Burr
Sarah Cho - The Chestnut Burr
Nathan Cho - Weed
Amy Choi - a tree stump
Jason Kim- Mountain
Yunjin Kim- Spiny Spider Flower
Nana Park- The Tree
Ji Yoon Hyun- Look Up
Olivia Edwards - The Acorn Cup
Cindy Choi- The Color Changing Leaves
Kristie- A Fungus
Priscilla Kim - Moss
Wonkyung (Alena) Koo- The Bird
Jin Kwon - A Ray of Light
SangHeon Cha - The Tree

Romanticism Project

This project will be due on Monday, November 2nd, at 8 a.m. Any projects posted after 8 a.m. will receive an automatic deduction of 25%. After Monday, no projects will be accepted.

Sejin Paik Romanticism Project
Ji Yoon Hyun Romanticism Project
Sarah Cho Romanticism Project
Alice Ahn Romanticism Project
Jin Kwon Romanticism Project
Nathan Cho Romanticism Project
Nana Park Romanticism Project
Priscilla Kim Romanticism Project
Kristie Lee Romanticism Project
Amy Choi Romanticism Project
Yunjin Kim Romanticism Project
Alena Koo Romanticism Project
Daeun Lee Romanticism Project
Cindy Choi Romanticism Project
Lauren Kang Romanticism Project
Jason Kim Romanticism Project
SangHeon Cha Romanticism ProjectOlivia Edwards Romanticism Project

Huck Finn Teaching Project

All projects must be posted by 8 a.m. on Thursday, November 26th. Hard copies of each project are not due until the day of the presentation. You are NOT allowed to alter your presentation after November 26th. Title the link with your group topic and the names of your group members. For example, Mark Twain by Ms. Jacob, Joe, and Sally.

Mark Twain and the Mississippi River by Alena, Alice, Nathan

Book Banning Controversy Jin, Kristie, Sangheon

Dialect & Local Color by Sarah, Olivia, Priscilla

Slavery during the time setting by Amy, Cindy, Ji yoon

Hannibal Missouri Nana, Lauren, Daeun

Mark Twain's Humor by Jason, Se Jin, Yunjin


Sejin Alice
Yunjin Kim, Jason Kim, Nana Park
Priscilla, Kristie, Daeun
Sarah Cho, Jin Kwon, Lauren Kang
Alena, Cindy, Nathan
SangHeon Cha, Amy Choi, Ji Yoon Hyun


Ji Yoon Hyun- Research Paper Keynote
Jin Kwon - Research Paper Keynote
Daeun Lee - Research Paper Keynote
Amy Choi - Research Paper Keynoteee
Sejin Paik- Research Paper Keynote
Sarah Cho - Research Paper Keynote
Cindy Choi - Research Paper Keynote
Jason Kim - Research Paper Keynote
Nathan Cho - Research Paper Keynote
Yunjin Kim - Research Paper Keynote
Alena Koo - Research Paper Keynote
Lauren Kang- Research Paper Keynote
Nana Park - Research Paper Keynote
Kristie Lee- Research Paper Keynote
Alice Ahn- Research Paper Keynote
Priscilla Kim - Research Paper Keynote

SangHeon Cha - Research Paper Keynote


Please make a new page and post the answer key to the study guide and the activity here. Please title the link with the chapter you are leading.

Ch. 1- Yunjin & Alice
Ch. 2- Amy, Kristie, Sarah
Ch. 3- Daeun and Sejin
Ch.4- Lauren and Alena
Ch. 5- SangHeon and Nana
Ch. 6- JiYoon & Cindy
Ch. 7- Jin and Jason
Ch. 8- Priscilla & Nathan

Character Analysis CJP
Character Analysis KAS
Character Analysis AA
Character Analysis (Gatsby) JiYoon, Sejin, Sangheon
Character Analysis Daeun, Yunjin
Character Analysis Nana Park & Nathan Cho
Character Analysis Jin Kwon & Lauren Kang

Personal Goals SangHeon Cha

Personal Goals Sarah Cho
Personal Goals Daeun Lee
Personal Goals Nana Park
Personal Goals Cindy Choi
Personal Goals Lauren Kang
Personal Goals Nathan Cho
Personal Goals Amy Choi
Personal Goals JiYoon Hyun
Personal Goals Priscilla Kim
Personal Goals Jin Kwon
Personal Goals Sejin Paik
Personal Goals Jason Kim
Personal Goals Alice Ahn
Personal Goals Kristie Lee
Personal Goals Yunjin Kim
Personal Goals Alena Koo


Please find your group assignments below. The party will be held on April 6th for C block and April 7th for E and F block.

Invitations: Nana, Daeun, Alena, Lauren
Food: Amy, Sarah, Jason, Kristie
Decorations: Priscilla, Cindy, Yunjin, Alice

Entertainment- Jin, JiYoon, SangHeon, Nathan, Sejin


Modern Poem Jin Kwon
Modern Poem JiYoon Hyun
Modern Poem Alice Ahn
Modern Poem Nathan Cho
Modern Poem Alena Koo
Modern Poem Priscilla Kim
Modern Poem Daeun Lee
Modern Poem Lauren Kang

Modern Poem Cindy Choi
Modern Poem Amy Choi
Modern Poem Sarah Cho
Modern Poem Kristie Lee
Modern Poem Yunjin Kim
Modern Poem Jason Kim
Modern Poem Sejin Paik
Modern Poem Nana Park


Sejin Paik's SoC Paragraph
JiYoon Hyun's SoC Paragraph
Jin Kwon SoC Paragraph
Alice Ahn SoC Paragraph
Sarah Cho SoC Paragraph
Yunjin Kim SoC Paragraph
Jason Kim SoC Paragraph
Alena Koo SoC Paragraph
Nana Park SoC Paragraph
Lauren Kang SoC Paragraph
Daeun Lee SoC Paragraph
Amy Choi SoC Paragraph
Cindy Choi SoC Paragraph
Kristie Lee SoC Paragraph
Nathan Cho Soc Paragraph
Priscilla Kim SoC Paragraph
SangHeonCha SoC paragraph

Small Literature Circle Presentations

Ji Yoon, Sejin, Jin, and Nathan's Keynote Presentation
Sarah Cho, Kristie Lee, Yun Jin Kim's Keynote Presentation
Amy Choi, Jason Kim, SangHeon Cha's Keynote presentation
Lauren, Alena, Nana, Daeun's Keynote presentation
Alice, Cindy, Priscilla's Keynote presentation

Extra Credit Video: (The Great Gatsby)

Alice, Cindy, and Priscilla's Video
Ji Yoon, Nathan, Jin, Sejin's Video


Sejin Paik Resume
Jin Kwon Resume
Yunjin Kim Resume
Jason Kim Resume
Alice Ahn Resume
Priscilla Kim Resume
Ji Yoon Hyun Resume
SangHeon Cha Resume
Nathan Cho Resume
Nana Park Resume
Daeun Lee Resume
Alena Koo Resume
Lauren Kang Resume
Amy Choi Resume


Please make a new page for your literature circle. Title the link with the names of the group members please.
Alice, Lauren, SangHeon
Daeun. Nana. Yun Jin. Priscilla
Historians of the Dead-Cindy, Jin, Sejin
LC- Alena, Kristie, Jason
If I Stay - Jiyoon, Amy, Sarah, Nathan