Short Story Literature Circle

1. Groups will be assigned consisting of three to four students.
2. Each group will choose one contemporary short story (after 1945) in which to read and analyze together.
3. Each member will be assigned a role to complete before the next class, which will be the literature circle meeting.
4. At the meeting, each student will take turns discussing their assigned role.
5. At the conclusion, the group will complete the Daily Group Record Sheet.
6. Staple the Daily Group Record Sheet to the rest of the worksheets and submit it to Ms. Jacob.
7. Discuss the best way to present the story to the rest of the class via Keynote, iMovie, or another form of technology.
8. The presentations will take place during Class 33 so be ready to present! Post the presentation on the class wiki. No more than five minutes!
9. This assignment is a smaller version of the major literary project that we will complete at the end of the year. It is great practice for bigger things to come!


Passage Master .pages
Discussion Director.pages
Theme Detailer .pages
Summarizer .pages
Daily Group Record Sheet.pages

C Block:
3 groups of 3
1 group of 4

E Block:
2 groups of 4
3 groups of 3

F Block:
3 groups of 4
2 groups of 3


Great websites to find a great novel!

Young Adult Library 2010 Top Ten Nominations.pdf
Young Adult Library 2009 top Ten Nominations
Young Adult Library Previous Top Ten Choices
ALA Best Fiction for Young Adults
Ultimate Teen Reading List

Search here to make sure you can obtain your novel in Korea!

What the Book?

Novel Selection:

1. Use the following websites to find a novel that you are EXCITED about reading. It should be a young adult or adult novel.
2. After you have found a few books that catch your interest, search online for study guides that may exist. If you find a study guide, that novel is eliminated.
3. Choose your favorite novel without an online study guide.
4. Next, search What the Book? to make sure that the novel is available in Korea. If not, choose another!
5. You MAY NOT choose a novel that you have read before. I am trying to expose you to a multitude of quality young adult novels. If I hear that you have read the novel, then you will receive a zero for ALL literature circle meetings (since you cheated!). PLEASE do not do this.
6. Send me an email with your choice. I will do a quick online search to make sure there is no study guide, and then I will respond with an approval.
7. If I search and find an online study guide, then I will ask you to submit another choice.
8. If I search your second choice and find an online study guide, then I will pick a novel for you...and you are stuck with it.
9. If I approve your novel and you did not search What the Book? first, and then find out it is NOT available in Korea, then you will be given a second chance.
10. If you submit to me another novel that you did not adequately research again, then I will pick a novel that is available in Korea...and you are stuck with it. :)
11. The moral of the story is: Choose WISELY and do your RESEARCH!
12. You must email me the novel of your choice by Class 34!

Lit Circle Groups:
C Block:
Group 1-Ming Goo, Jenny, Lydia-Boy Meets Boy by David Leavitt
Group 2- Sam L, Phil, Jason - The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Group 3- Leah, Ed, Corie - Dear John by Nicholas Sparks
Group 4- Sam Y., HaJung, Jenice, Kevin - Paper Town by John Green

E Block:
Group 1- Yunjin, Daeun, Nana, Priscilla - By the Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead by Julie Anne Peters
Group 2- Sarah, Amy, Ji Yoon, Nathan- If I Stay by Gayle Forman
Group 3- Alice, Lauren, Sang Heong- The Minister's Daughter by Julie Hearn
Group 4- Cindy, Sejin, Jin - The Brief History of the Dead by Kevin Brockmeier
Group 5- Kristie, Jason, Alena0- Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

F Block:
Group 1-Jay Kim, Soobin, Sun Young, Jay P. Netherlands by Joseph O'Neill
Group 2- Elaine, Sarah, Seung Woo, Daniel - I Am a Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want to be Your Class President by Josh Lieb
Group 3- Noga, Rach, Sylvie, Eunice- Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher
Group 4- Paul, Sally, Mady - Numbers by Rachel Ward
Group 5- Yonji, Boram, Kevin

Literature Circle Procedure:

1. Create a group name!
2. Complete the Role and Page Assignment Sheet.
Role and Page Assignment.pages
IMPORTANT: The first lit. circle has been changed to Class 41. Please change the dates on the Role and Page Assignment Sheet.
3. Create a group wiki page and post the link under the correct section of the class wiki page.
4. Creatively decorate the wiki page! Please make it appealing to the eye but also easy to follow.
5. Post the completed Role and Page Assignment Sheet on your group page.
6. Create a heading for each meeting: Meeting #1, Meeting #2, etc.
7. Each student should post his/her role sheet on the group wiki page BEFORE the start of class on each meeting date. Please post the role sheets under the correct meeting number.
8. In addition, a hard copy is due at the beginning of each class.
9. At the conclusion of the meeting, print the group record sheet AND post it on the group wiki page.
10. Staple the group record sheet to the completed role sheets and submit them by the end of the class.
11. If the individual role sheet is not turned in AND submitted on the wiki BEFORE the start of class, then the student cannot participate in the literature circle and will receive a zero for that meeting.
12. Each role sheet is worth 20 points of the individual grade. Each group record sheet is worth 10 points of the group grade.

Novel Study Guides-Final Exam Project

Please choose which section each group member will work on. If there are only three members, you may leave out the Plot Overview section.
*On the group wiki page, please post which member is responsible for which section.


Novel Study Guides.pages
Important: A hard copy must also be submitted on the due date, June 4th at 8 a.m.


Study Guide- Individual Requirements.pages


Plot Rubric.pages
Character Rubric.pages
Chapter Summaries Rubric.pages
Themes and Symbols Rubric.pages
Group Lit. Circle Rubric.pages