Please create a new page to be used as an individual wiki. Link the page here. The link should include your first and last name. You will post your SAT practice questions answers on your page as well as any individual assignments/projects.

Corie Hahn Grammar
Lydia Ahn
Edward Cho
Phillip Song
Jenny Lee
Jenice Lee
HaJung Kim
Jason Park
Sam Lee
Kevin Lee grammar
Samuel Yang
Mingoo Park Grammar


Please create a new page for your assignment. Link the page here. The link should include your first and last name. Please read and use the sample page provided. Any assignments that do not follow this example will lose points.
Ms. Jacob's Summer Reading
HaJung Kim's Summer Reading
Yoonji Reem's Summer Reading
Lydia Ahn's Summer Reading
Jenny Lee's Summer Reading
Kevin Lee's Summer Reading
Nathan Cho's Summer Reading
Jenice Lee's Summer Reading
Phillip Song's Summer Reading

Samuel Yang's Summer Reading
Edward Cho's Summer Reading (again)
Jason Park's Reading of Summer
Corie Hahn's Summer Reading
Mady Flores's Summer Reading


Please make a new page and title the link with the name of your myth as well as your first and last name. You do not necessarily have to include the picture but you must post the writing. Be ready to present next class!
Example: How the World Was Born, Ms. Jacob.

25 hearts worth blessing, Edward Cho
The Rainbow of Life, Lydia Ahn
The Devil's Compromise, Corie Hahn
Creation of Animals, HaJung Kim
The Blanket Weaver, Mady Flores
God Was Bored, Kevin G Lee
Jealousy of the Twins by Jenice Lee
Tears of Poseidon, Phillip Song
The Failed Science Project, Jason Park
There was nothing, but a stick and a bear. Jenny Lee
God and His Lollipop by Samuel Yang


Please make a new page and title the link with your name. Be ready to present next class!
Edward Cho Aphorism!!!!!
Phillip Song
Aphorisms, Corie Hahn
Aphorisms, Jenny Lee
Kevin G Lee Aphorisms
HaJung Kim- Aphorisms
Lydia Ahn- Aphorisms
Samuel Yang-Aphorisms
Jeice Lee - Aphorisms
Sam Lee - Aphorisms
Mady Flores- Aphorisms
Jason Park Aphorisms


Please make a new page. Title the link with the issue and your name. The page should include the following: pre-writing handout, rough draft, and final draft.
Edward Cho - Persuasive Speech
HaJung Kim- Persuasive Speech
Phillip Song Persuasive Speech
Jenice Lee Persuasive Speech
Samuel Yang Persuasive Speech
Corie Hahn Persuasive Speech
Jenny Lee Persuasive Speech
Jason Park Persuasive Speech
Kevin G Lee Persuasive Speech
Mady Flores Persuasive Speech
Lydia Ahn persuasive speech
Sam Lee - Persuasive Speech


Please make a new page for your evaluations. Title the link with your name. Each audience member should post one evaluation per speaker. After all evaluations have been posted, please write a short reflection here. You do not have to bring in a hard copy!
HaJung Kim- persuasive speech evaluation
Corie Hahn - Persuasive Speech Evaluation
Jenny Lee- persuasive speech evaluation
Sam Lee - Persuasive Speech Evaluation
Jason Park - persuasive speech evaluation
Lydia Ahn-persuasive speech evaluation
Kevin G Lee- Persuasive Speech Evaluation
Mady Flores-Persuasive Speech Evaluation
Phillip Song - Persuasive Speech Evaluation
Jenice Lee - Persuasive Speech Evaluation
Samuel Yang- Persuasive Speech Evaluation
Edward Cho- Persuasive Speech Evaluation

Book Check

Please make a new page for your quizzes. You must include both documents- the actual quiz and the answer key.

Corie Hahn - Book Check
Edward Cho - Book Check
Lydia Ahn--Book Check
Jenny Lee-Book Check
Sam Lee - Book Check
Phillip Song- Book Check
HaJung Kim- book check
Jason Park - Book Check
Kevin G Lee - Book Check
Jenice Lee - Book Check
Samuel Yang- Book Check
Mady Flores: Book Check

Transcendental Song

Please make a new page for your song. You must have the song, the lyrics, and an explanation of how this song fits at least two ideas of transcendentalism in order to receive credit. No hard copy is needed.

Edward Cho - Transcendental Song
Jenny Lee- Transcendental song
Sam Lee - Transcendental song
Jenice Lee - Transcendental Song
Phillip Song - Transcendental Song
HaJung Kim- Transcendental song
Corie Hahn - Transcendental Song
Jason Park - Transcendental Song
Samuel Yang- Transcendental Song
Kevin G Lee- Transcendental Song
hanbit chung - transcendental song
Mady Flores- Transcendental SONG
Lydia Ahn--Transcendental

A Walk in the Woods Activity

Please make a new page and post the link here. Please title the link with your name and the object in nature that you have written about.
Edward Cho - A Walk in the Woods
Lydia Ahn-A Walk in the Woods
Corie Hahn- A Walk in the Woods
Kevin G Lee A walk in the woods
HaJung Kim- A walk in the woods
Jenice Lee - A Walk in the Woods
Phillip Song- Pitch Pine Tree
Sam Lee - A Walk In the Woods
Mady Flores- A Pine Needle
Jenny Lee - A Walk in the Woods
Jason Park - A Walk in the Woods
Samuel Yang- A Walk in the Woods

Romanticism Project

This project will be due on Monday, November 2nd, at 8 a.m. Any projects posted after 8 a.m. will receive an automatic deduction of 25%. After Monday, no projects will be accepted.

HaJung Kim- Romanticism Project
Lydia Ahn-Romanticism Project
Samuel Yang- Romanticism Project
Phillip Song- Romanticism Project
Sam Lee - Romantic Project
Jenny Lee-Romanticism Project
Kevin G Lee- Romanticism Project
Corie Hahn- Romanticism Project
Jason Park - Romanticism Project
Mady Flores: Romanticism Project
Jenice Lee - Romanticism Project

Huck Finn Teaching Project

All projects must be posted by 8 a.m. on Thursday, November 26th. Hard copies of each project are not due until the day of the presentation. You are NOT allowed to alter your presentation after November 26th. Title the link with your group topic and the names of your group members. For example, Mark Twain by Ms. Jacob, Joe, and Sally.

C Block:
Mark Twain's Humor by: Lydia, Corie, and Mady


Book Banning Controversy Edward Cho, Jenice Lee, Phillip Song

Mark Twain and the Mississippi River by Hanbit, Jason, and Jenny

Ha Jung
Sam Lee
Hannibal, Missouri by Leah, Sam, HaJung

Sam Yang
Dialect and Local Color- Samuel Yang, Kevin G. Lee


The Story of an Hour Adaptation--Lydia, Ed, Jason
The Story of an Hour - Jenice, Phillip, Corie, HaJung
The Story of an Hour - Sam, Leah, Hanbit, Maddy
The Story of an Hour- Kevin, Jenny, Sam


Lydia Ahn Research Presentation
Edward Cho Research Presentation
Kevin G Lee Research Presentation
Jenny Lee Research Presentation
Mingoo Park Research Presentation
Sam Lee Research Presentation
Samuel Yang Research Presentation
Jenice Lee Research Presentation
HaJung Kim Research Presentation
Jason Park Presentation of Research
Phillip Song Research Presentation
Corie Hahn Research Presentation


Please make a new page and post the answer key to the study guide and the activity here. Please title the link with the chapter you are leading.

Ch. 1- Phil and Jenice
Ch. 2- Mingoo & HaJung
Ch. 3- Sam Y. & Lydia
Ch. 5- Corie & Sam L.
Ch. 6- Kevin, Jenny, & Jason


Please find your group assignments below. The party will be held on April 6th for C block and April 7th for E and F block.

Invitations: Corie, Hajung, Phil
Food: Kevin, Jason, Sam Lee
Entertainment: Sam Y., Ed, and Leah
Decorations: Mingoo, Jenice Lydia, Jenny

Edward Cho Goals
Lydia Ahn Goals
HaJung Kim Goals
Corie Hahn Goals
Jenice Lee Goals
Jenny Lee Goals
Phillip Song Goals
Sam Lee Goals
Samuel Yang Goals
Kevin Lee Goals
Jason Park Goals
Mingoo Park

Character Project
Ed, Jenny & Mingu's Character Project
Corie & Leah's Character Project
Lydia & Jenice's Character Project
Jason & HaJung's Character Project
Sam & Kevin's Character Project
Samuel & Phillip's Character Project

Stream of Consciousness Paragraph

Edward Cho's SoC paragraph
Jenice Lee's SoC paragraph
Phillip Song's SoC paragraph
Lydia Ahn's SoC paragraph
HaJung Kim's SoC paragraph
Kevin G Lee's SoC paragraph
Corie Hahn's SoC paragraph
Sam Lee's SoC paragraph
Mingoo Park SoC paragraph
Jason Park Paragraph
Jenny Lee SoC paragraph
Samuel Yang SOC Paragraph


Corie, Hajung, Mingoo, Jason Short Story Presentation
Sam, Ed, Philip, Kevin Short Story Presentation
Samuel Yang Short Story


Corie & Phillip Extra Credit
leah, ed, sam ec

Lydia and Jenice EC


Lydia Ahn CR
Samuel Yang CR
HaJung Kim CR
Jason Park CR
Mingoo Park
Corie Hahn CR
Jenny Lee CR
Sam Lee CR
Kevin G Lee CR
Phillip Song CR


Please make a new page for your literature circle. Title the link with the names of the group members please.
Mingoo, Jenny, Lydia( MLJ meets BOOK) - Boy Meets Boy
Phillip Song, Sam Lee, Jason Park - The Hungry Boys
Kevin, Jenice, Sam, Hajung- Paper Town students
Leah Ed Corie - Dear John