25 hearts worth blessing

The world was originally dark and light-less. Without light, men had to live everyday hopeless. Finding food and water was very difficult for men. The world was full of dangerous things which threatened men 24 hours a day. People lived with pain. The oldest chief Edwart, leaving to the Land of God, promised his followers light and blessing. Edwart first went to the lake and fished 12 salmons. Then he went to the mountains to find 12 bears to sacrifice to the Ultimate Creator. At the entrance to the Land of God, Edwart met two gods. Firale, and Lunare stood in front of the entrance looking at human beings with pity. Edwart, not knowing what to do, asked Firale and Lunare what must be done to save the poor human being. Firale and Lunare answered with a smile:

Long through darkness men has walked through. Though the times of pain have struck men for such a long time, men have strongly worked their ways to survive. Give me 25 hearts from living beings, and We shall give men light 24 hours. 24 hearts are for the 24 hours and one heart is for men’s promise to share the blessing with others”

Edwart was first scared to hear that he needed 25 hearts, as he held 12 dead bears and 12 dead salmons in his bag. It was hard for Edwart to decide to sacrifice his heart for a world that he would no longer belong in. Edwart slowly closed his eyes and wordlessly replied by stabbing himself in the heart. His tears fell to form the oceans of Earth. Firale and Lunare took the 25 hearts and stored them deep in the Land of God. Earth was now given light from the Sun and the Moon which Firale and Lunare turned in to. When men on Earth turn in to selfish demons, the Earth will once again be dark and 25 hearts which blessed Earth will be burnt away.